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    FAQ Page

    1. Shipping & Return

    For assistance with Shipping and returns please click here ( Insert pages link)

    2. How can I find out more about your products?

    Please contact us for any information on any Be Uzuri & Co products at

    3. What skin types are Be Uzuri & Co products for?

    Our products are suitable for all skin types. They are all natural and paraben free.

    4. Will my products melt, dry, freeze or expire etc…

    Yes they will, all our products can be used within the dates indicated on our packaging. We advise you keep all products out of sunlight to sustain them for long. Depending on weather/ temperature, our butters will melt as they are 100% natural. Store in cool dry place. Avoid getting water into them and ensure to use clean hands.

    5. Do you test on animals?

    No. We absolutely do not! After all our products have been made, we take samples home and try them out on ourselves, that’s as furry as it goes.

    6. Can I resell your products?

    Unfortunately not ( Yet) you only buy our products for your personal use. We might cancel orders if we have reason to believe the products are not for your personal use.

    7. Where do you get your ingredients from?

    All ingredients in Be Uzuri & Co products are from within South Africa and Africa. We have partnered with the best suppliers to ensure premium quality ingredients. All our ingredients are raw and untampered with.

    8. Is Be Uzuri & Co a certified organic brand?

    No, unfortunately, we are not yet certified yet but we are working on it by ensuring that all our suppliers are 100% certified organic.

    9. When is the next product launching?

    We innovate beauty and skin care every day. Ideas pop up out of the blue at any time, so stay up to date by signing up to our newsletters and stay glued to our Instagram stories.

    10. I would like to ask you unusual questions, how do I do that?

    Feel free to call us, WhatsApp us or send an email. We don’t mind weird questions.

    11. Why try Be Uzuri & Co products?

    Well, we stick to simplicity, we are affordable, accessible, convenient, 100% natural, handmade, diverse and African. Our products are made to enhance the natural beauty of your skin, they are meant to be felt, smelled and shared with everyone around. They can be all used from head to toe. They are perfect for those who care about their skin.

    12. Can I get an allergic reaction to your products?

    Yes, you can as we make our products in an environment exposed to nut oils, latex gloves etc. So please do a patch test to make sure its safe for you.

    13. Are you on social media?

    Yes, we are. You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as Be Uzuri & Co. Please follow us and stay updated with any information you might need.

    14. Do you work with bloggers and how do I get in touch with you?

    We love working with creatives! Our PR team arranges all influences but if you are interested in working with us, please email us your profile and we will forward it to them.

    15. What about employment? Are you currently looking?

    No, not at the moment but all “seeking” information will be shared accordingly either via our social media/recruiting company. We are growing every day!

    For more help with any questions you have please contact

    ‘Uzuri’, Swahili for beauty, a quality that gives pleasure to the senses.




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